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Bjorn, 37: Recovery from meniscus tear, ACL reconstruction and hamstring graft.
I have had sports massage before to fix specific problems, usually just as a one off or a maximum of two sessions. I was sceptical initially that it would add much to my treatment as I was already having regular physiotherapy sessions. The physio sessions were important in understanding my injury and giving me exercises to recover, but the hands-on treatment during my soft tissue therapy sessions was what really made the difference in feeling pain free enough to really make the most of my exercise plan.

James, 35, Professional Cyclist in for regular recovery sessions between races.
Other team members have regular sports massage sessions, so I was interested to see whether it could make a difference to my performance. I really feel that thanks to the treatments my recovery between races has improved. I also have found it very useful to have someone assessing muscle tears that I might not be able to feel until the sessions treated before they turn into a bigger injury.


Rosemary, 75: osteoarthritis in the first metatarsophalangeal joint.

I am very surprised by how effective this program of treatment has been. I was nervous and slightly embarrassed of being massaged initially and since my feet are so sensitive, I was worried it would be too painful for me. After hearing the rationale behind the programme of treatment and an initially gentle introduction to soft tissue therapy, I was keen to take the treatment as far as possible. This has genuinely changed my life day to day. Pain in walking has affected my every step for several years and although it doesn’t permanently solve the problem, very regular sessions reduce the pain significantly.

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